Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dance: Ayaka AZECHI & Sound Installation: Atsushi FUKUNAGA

Dance in the dark / 2011
Performance (13'10) / 5, November 2011 at Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Berlin, Germany

Materials: Desk, Chair, Plastic bottle, Water, Carrot, Macaroni, Peanut, Hot-water bottle, Seed bag, Scotch tape, Garbage can, Broom, Hair brush, Suitcase, Hubcap, Air-packing, Garbage bag, Balloon, Pan, Pot, Cooking utensils, Packing plastic, Empty bottle, Empty can, Paper bag, Cardboard, Paper, Blanket, Shopping bag of IKEA, Bell, Slipper, Milk pack, Zip-fastener, Tooth, Shoes, Band, Lighter, Umbrella

The performance was held in the dark stage.
In fact, viewers almost could not watch a dancer and sound installations, however, felt only the signs of barely visible dancers movement and sounds were emitted in the stage, therefore they were able to imagine the physical representations are expressed by sounds.

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