Monday, April 2, 2012

You are cordially invited to the closing night of "Cosmos" which is on extended view until 14th of April. Don't miss this chance to experience another performance by Ayaka Azechi!

Closing Reception: Saturday, April 14th at 19:00

Performance by Ayaka Azechi starts at 20:00

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Atsushi Fukunaga

2012  “a collectivity of each work / Kosmos / Refuse stardust / Spiral silence / Baki-Baan-Barara”

The work "Cosmos" is a collectivity of microcosms made up by the concepts of each work and expresses a macrocosm, the universe, on the whole. The microcosms represented each of the works are an epitome of the world expressing our society and personal relationships by mimicking sounds. The sounds are visualized by letters on a detail of the microcosms, which highlighted in comparison with the macrocosm.



Kosmos  2012  magazine "Kosmos", paste, frame, acrylic board, glass

These collage works are composed of illustrations and letters clipped from the science magazine "Kosmos" in Germany. Visualized sounds, briefly onomatopoeia (imitative and mimetic word), clarify situations of the illustrations and give them movements as well. Despite of cultural and linguistic differences, these works enable viewers to perceive nuances of the sounds automatically with the help of its pronunciation 


Refuse meteor  2012  dimensions variable  various trashes, metal lacquer on the wall

The works represent an image of meteor by giving small refuse on the street onomatopoeiaimitative and mimetic word, which are associated with "flight". It implies situations of our society and day life, in which everything has been fluid and changing continuously.


Baki-Baan-Barara  2012 40x40x30cm  color pencil

The title means a combination of sounds of pencil's "snapping", "bursting" and "falling", and the form as well as the installation itself expresses these three movements. Its title "Baki-Baan-Barara" helps viewers to imagine the "sounds" visually which cannot be perceived aurally in reality.


Spiral silence  2012 70x70 cm alphabetical confetti, paste, plastic wrap

Alphabet makes sense, when it is spelled in a certain order. Otherwise it doesn't have any meanings and cannot be read appropriately. It doesn't make unreadable any more and means a silence.



Dance: Ayaka AZECHI & Sound Installation: Atsushi FUKUNAGA

Dance in the dark / 2011
Performance (13'10) / 5, November 2011 at Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Berlin, Germany

Materials: Desk, Chair, Plastic bottle, Water, Carrot, Macaroni, Peanut, Hot-water bottle, Seed bag, Scotch tape, Garbage can, Broom, Hair brush, Suitcase, Hubcap, Air-packing, Garbage bag, Balloon, Pan, Pot, Cooking utensils, Packing plastic, Empty bottle, Empty can, Paper bag, Cardboard, Paper, Blanket, Shopping bag of IKEA, Bell, Slipper, Milk pack, Zip-fastener, Tooth, Shoes, Band, Lighter, Umbrella

The performance was held in the dark stage.
In fact, viewers almost could not watch a dancer and sound installations, however, felt only the signs of barely visible dancers movement and sounds were emitted in the stage, therefore they were able to imagine the physical representations are expressed by sounds.
Takahiro Ueda

Track of At[o]m   “ 20120305   UTC  12 : 03 ”( degital prints on aluminum, 950 x 360 mm )
Track of At[o]m   “ 20120306   UTC  12 : 13 ”( degital prints on aluminum, 950 x 360 mm )
Track of At[o]m   “ 20120306   UTC  12 : 13 ”  ( Movie, 15min.)
Track of At[o]m   “ 20120306   UTC  12 : 13 ”  ( Movie document, 15min.)
Track of At[o]m   “ 20110323   UTC  06 : 56 ”( degital prints on aluminum, 950 x 360 mm )
Track of At[o]m   “ 20120324   UTC  03 : 45 ”( degital prints on aluminum, 950 x 360 mm )

This artwork is the performance with receiving the radio wave from weather satellite*. That waves, ordinary, can be received when the satellite is going above our head. In short, if a person who are watching this performance in realtime, they might be able to imagine that which is beyond the sky. The Atmosphere exist between a point of view from micro (human's persepective) and from macro (satellite's persepective). And that is changing time to time. To see those phenomena with any conscious would have a relation to be thinking about scenery around us.
* (NOAA : The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

We are pleased to announce the exhibition "Cosmos" will be extended til April 14th. Also on the closing night there will be another performance by Ayaka Azechi! /